Building type

Four-storey block of flats built 2002 containing 56 one room flats with kitchenette.

The flat size is 25 m2 including a private bathroom and kitchenette. There is also a bigger kitchen for the tenants to share in the building.

This is the only area where two persons may share the flat. Note; If you share the flat with a friend, one of you should buy a mattress . There is only one bed and one desk in this small apartment. Be aware of that SGS cannot provide any extra beds.

Internet access

The flats are connected to high-speed Internet managed by SGS Computer Network Office. Obligatory cost included in the rent.

How to go to Högsbogatan?

You can take tram no 7 or 8 from Chalmers to bus stop Axel Dahlströms Torg, it takes 10 minutes.

Public transport www.vasttrafik.se

Move in info

Welcome to Högsbogatan!

For general move-in information see the CIS website under Housing info/Moving in.

If you neeed to contact us, please use the contact form on the website for Chalmers international students (CIS), My pages.

If something breaks or need attention in your home you can make a fault report through the contact form on My pages. You can also call the caretaker at Bostads AB Poseidon or your Kundcenter.

Parking places
Motor vehicle traffic in the yard is forbidden. If you wish to rent a parking lot in Prickskyttestigen close to Högsbogatan, contact SGS Housing office. Parking is not allowed on visitors’ parking spaces.

A contract for a parking place is separate from the housing contract; you must give a separate written notice to SGS Housing office one calendar month before departing.

There is a bicycle rack with a roof top in the courtyard. Do not keep your bike anywhere else than here.


  Single room
Desk with a set of drawers 1
Bookcases 2
Chair 1
Armchair 1
Bed including mattress, pad and cover 1
Dinner table  1
 Ceiling lamp
Desk lamp 1
Floor lamp 1

Vacuum cleaner
There is a built-in vacuum cleaner in the building; you find the tube in a cupboard in the corridor kitchen. The machine will start when you plug in the tube into one of the connections in the corridor. Always hang up the tube after use.

Household waste/recycling
There is a waste chamber in a separate building in the yard. Please follow the advice for source separation. There are recycling stations at Skäpplandsgatan 1 or Blåvalsgatan.

Students should keep their flats clean and  tidy. Those using the communal kitchen are responsible for the day-to-day cleaning and for defrosting the fridge. Don’t forget to wash up the dishes and keep the tables clean. SGS staff will clean the floor and empty spaces once a week.

There is a laundry on each floor. Booking is made by inserting the booking cylinder on the board outside the laundry. Remove the cylinder after you have finished your washing shift.

Electricity, earth fault breaker and fire detector
The electricity central is furnished with an earth fault breaker marked JFB.

The fire detector inside your flat operates by electricity. In the fire detector there is a battery which will take over in the case of power failure. Should the current be shut off for a longer period the fire alarm will give off a noise every 45 seconds when the battery is recharging.