I will arrive on a Saturday evening. How can I get the keys?

Keys can only be collected during regular office hours. Please arrange accommodation for the first night(s) if you arrive after office hours. Look at the Internet for hostels (vandrarhem) and hotels. For hostels in Göteborg see www.goteborg.com or www.vandrarhemgoteborg.se

You may authorize someone else to collect your keys.


Please forward your housing contract and the authorization form to the person who will collect the keys. Here is the authorization letter.

I don't have any receipt of payment.

To avoid waiting times you should be prepared to show a receipt of rent payment on arrival at your Kundcenter, if the payment has not been registered.

Leaving early

According to the terms of tenancy "The contract runs for a fixed term. At the end of the period students are obliged to move out without prior notice." You are liable for the rent for the whole period even if you leave prior to the expiry date.

If you have to leave earlier, you have the right to give notice of termination to the Housing office three calendar months in advance. (A calendar month means from the 1st to the last day of the month.) Your notice must have reached SGS Housing office in the month before the notice period starts. If you have to depart with a shorter notice, you are liable for the rent for the remaining period.

Can I share my room with a friend?

Single rooms and rooms with kitchenette at Rosendal and Brahegatan are for single occupancy. Flats in Gånglåten and Högsbogatan can be shared by two persons.

Can I sublet my room?

No, you may not sublet your flat or pass over the keys to somebody else. The university may need the flat for another student.

The rent

The first rent should be paid when accepting the housing offer in order to confirm the booking. If you are late with payment, you will be charged a penalty fee.

Why has my rent increased?

SGS Studentbostäder will conduct rent negotiations with the Swedish Tenants' Association every year, which means that rent adjustments will occur in most of our housing areas normally from the beginning of the year. The rent for January is preliminary in the offers that are sent to future tenants before the rent agreement has been made.

I have lost my keys. What should I do?

Turn to your Kundcenter. They can unlock your door during office hours at a minor cost. If the keys cannot be found, the lock must be changed and you will have to pay for that. After office hours you  have to contact a locksmith at your own expense.

Reporting faults

To report faults or damage you use the Contact form under My pages.

There is water flowing on the floor from a broken water pipe. Who can help me?

Go to Housing info / Living at SGS. Write your address to find your alarm numbers.

I can't sleep because my neighbours are making noise late at night

Go to Housing info / Living at SGS. Write your address to find your alarm numbers.

Who does the cleaning in my corridor?

All students are responsible for keeping their flats and the shared spaces (kitchen, laundry etc) clean and free from household waste. If you don't know where to put the garbage, contact your Kundcenter.

I need a parking place

Contact SGS Housing office on tel 031-333 6310. We have parking places at Ostkupan, Medicinaregatan, Rosendal and Olofshöjd. There is a queue for parking places. A separate contract must be drawn up at the Housing office. This contract must be terminated by a written notice one calendar month before departure.

Do I need a Home insurance?

To protect your possessions and avoid extra costs due to accidents you should have a home insurance. Assess the level of your existing insurance policy and check that you have appropriate coverage before departing to Sweden. There are insurance companies who offer packages especially for students at a reasonable price.

In order to protect yourself from thefts/burglary you should keep the door and windows closed/locked at night time and when you are absent in daytime. Do not keep valuables in the communal kitchen or in the store room.

Before departure

When the lease expires you are expected to leave on the expiry date without further notice. Clean the flat properly so the next tenant can move in directly. Any furniture you might have placed elsewhere must be restored to the flat.

Please do NOT leave any personal belongings in the flat. You risk loosing any items left behind, which are not included in the inventory.

The staff at your Kundcenter will inspect your flat a few weeks before departure. You will be notified of the time of inspection in advance. All keys must be handed to your Kundcenter by the day the contract expires. If there are keys missing, you will have to pay for a change of lock.

Please close your Internet. Use the contact form on the English website under "Contact".