Who may apply?

Welcome to SGS website for international students at Chalmers university,

Available flats under the CIS website (for Chalmers International Students) may be applied by following student categories.

Students who are eligible to apply for housing under the CIS website will be informed by Chalmers university in April-May 2017.

Master's at Chalmers university who are guaranteed accommodation

International Master's at Chalmers university, who pay tuition fees, are guaranteed accommodation. The housing guarantee isvalid from April 24 to May 15, 2017.

The housing period allowed is maximally two years counted from August 2017. Students arriving in January may only choose a period of six  months.

You need a code in order to register application in the CIS queue. This code will be sent to you by the Student centre at Chalmers in late April.

Please register your application as soon as you receive the code. The housing guarantee is only valid when you start studies here for the first time.

Other student groups who have housing guarantee

There are other student groups who are guaranteed housing during the period April 24 to May 15, 2017. 

Students within exchange programs, bilateral and other agreements;

UNITECH, Erasmus Mundus, Double Master's Degree, N 5 T Master programs, Linnaeus-Palme, World Wide 

If there are vacant flats after the guarantee period has expired, those will be posted under the CIS website every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6 pm as long as there are rooms left.

Other websites for students looking for accommodation

Boplats Göteborg, https://nya.boplats.se/; see this website for information about student housing, sublets and private rooms.